Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's the pictures.  Before and in between.  The kitchen now has new hardware and is looking fairly clean. I still really like the color of these walls and the border.  Not ready to change that yet.  My plan is to paint the dining area walls a coordinating color and to paint the island a rich chocolatey brown. 

Probably won't stay clean much longer!

The vision board of color possibilities.

YAY!  The ugly,  old, formerly white (pre-seven children in the house) tile is GONE, GONE, GONE!

Walls are primed.  The white table is in front of steps because of THIS...

Roxy (aka Marley, Dr. Destructo)...a six month old lab/something mix.  Can you see her blended into the couch?  She is very affectionate, but wow, I spend an awful lot of time keeping this dog out of trouble.  Yes, my friends are saying, "what were you thinking?"

But this is what I saw:


The walls look so yellow in this picture.  The true color is a more subtle goldish, creamy tone.  Need to learn to adjust this new camera!

The new floor...scheduled to arrive sometime this week. 

The island is primed.

Hope I'm doing this right.

Oh no, we didn't...yes, we did...might as well keep going.  Ripped up the old carpet in the living room (which is pretty much connected to the kitchen).

A day's work is done.

Took the night off...well, had kid driving duties. 


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